Sunday, June 8, 2014

Count Boyarisov makes his move

Count of the House of Boyar
"You are certain that the messengers were intercepted?"
Count Viacheslev Boyarisov demanded.

"Yes, Excellency."
Came the answer just over a whisper from the shadowy figure at the far end of the room, where no light would fall from the candles.

"Good." Turning to gather his hat, the Count continued, "And the replacement couriers?  With their messages?"

"Also completed, Excellency."
Again the answer just above a whisper.

"Bring the response from the Court in St. Petersberg to me the moment you have it.  I shall be in Borisov within a fortnight and plan to co-ordinate from there until the first actions make clear where I may need to travel." 
The Count put his hat on and slapped his gloves as he collected them from the table.  Turning back to the dark end of the room as though to speak again, Count Boyarisov did not see the shadowy figure any more.  Scanning to be sure he was gone, the count then left his Moscou residence, with the plan to only return in triumph.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Hmmmm, something is 'in the works', isn't it?

I'm looking forward to reading more soon.

-- Jeff

Archduke Piccolo said...

Has this to do with a certain cryptic comment that appeared recently in my latest blog posting? I'd like to know more...

MurdocK said...

Why yes Ion, it is indeed.

You ought to have an email about it now.