Monday, May 5, 2008

Map projekt

Here is version 1 of the new section of The Duchy of Mieczyslaw from my current Empires in Arms mappe edit project for Emperor vs. Elector.

Not all 'imagi'-nations have been added into the new mappe, as I progress slowly with a few minutes here and there into the mappe.

I am also planning to enter as much data as I can from the information about the other 'imagi'-nations flags for use as counters in a Cyberboard game box for future use by EvE narrators etc...

Friday, May 2, 2008

March of Konrad Korpus

The defeat of the advance forces at Wojslawice left Konrad with two options:

* - try the pass again with the main body, something that would see his forces badly outnumbered by Loyalist horse.

** - move around the flank of the Loyalist forces holding the pass at Wojslawice, retrace part of his march route and march on a different pass.

Konrad, set upon the flank march task, but left a 'covering' force to both mask his line of march and to ensure that the Loyalist horse could not easily pursue his moving force.

Cardinal Dobry had also managed to bring up more mercenary horse from the south...these troops joined the columns and now Konrad could field very nearly equal numbers of foot and horse that were present in the lowlands to the east of the Brass River Valley.

Konrad planned a fast move north this time from the mountains and this time the marshes would not interfere with the advance, since there were more high-roads in the region.