Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Miecek Duda departs for the mysterious Tragardland

One time Aide de Camp Miecek Duda, most noted for his 'unusual' symphonies and loud presence on the battlefield, has been selected to command a foreign contingent.

Duke Karl Frederick has conferred a command within the fusilier company of the Tradgardland Legion to Miecek Duda.

The young officer departs Mieczyslaw on the next high tide along with two golden cubits to pay for his commissioning in Tradgardland.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All Hail the Right and true Duke!

Duke Czeslaw ewa Jerzy presided over the szlachta to determine the fate of Baron Konrad.

Many were in favor of his dismemberment and that of his followers.

Two of the more infamous captains were destined to suffer executions for crimes committed outside of the Baron's service, the Baron was not destined for such treatment.

There were enough of the szlachta to stay the hand of death acting from within their ranks. It was not enough to stop Baron Konrad's death.

From within his own followers came an attack upon the Baron, for which the offender one Wielki Nowicki was executed.

Years later the reason for the vicious attack became clear, the Baron was not going to continue to accept the support of the church in Rome and had his own plan to establish rule in Mieczyslaw. A plan that would see Nowicki and his family punished for thier actions taken on the Baron's behalf during the war. Seeing no way out Nowicki decided to save his family and their name by removing the offending Baron before his schemes could be further acted upon.

While the immediate problem of the civil war was resolved, the healing and continued interference from the church were to see many more lives spent in conflict over the decade to come.