Friday, April 13, 2007

The Peace of Westphalia

Cardinal Dobry was forced to leave the Duchy in 1645 as the 30 Years War came to an end and many of the szlachta returned from foreign service.

The pressure to form a Diet became heightened as the final terms of the end of the Habsburg Family Conflict became more widely known.

Ducal forces in Hither Pomerania deserted en-masse from the Brandenburg electors whom has impressed them into service as continued garrison forces.

It was with a sense of general confusion and disorder that many of the szlachta called for an immdediate Diet, even though not all szlachta had returned to the Duchy.

Secretly a few szlachta had traveled to meet with Count Gerkik, with the intent of imploring him to return to Mieczyslaw in order to lend his name and prestige to the Diet and possibly be nominated as Duke.

Count Gerkik, refused the invitation, sending on the few szlachta into Bavaria, to meet with Pułkownik Ludwik and the Coronet Korps.

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