Sunday, May 6, 2007

The "provisional" Diet of 1649

Baron Konrad Owijać-Drewna had learned of the 'mission' of the few szlachta; that they had met other szlachta in Bavaria and that Maximilian I had made some agreements with them.

Konrad did not know that the Coronet Korps was marching to Mieczyslaw, nor was he aware that Pułkownik Ludwik had been nominated to the szlachta.

Without waiting for more information in February of 1649, Konrad managed to convince enough of the other szlachta to form a Diet at once and select the new Duke.

The process to assembly was taking longer than Konrad wanted ... or had to spare, now that the other szlachta were returning from their actions across Europe.

The Thirty years war veterans and szlachta were coming home, in large numbers, Baron Konrad was unable to muster enough of the szlachta present to name him Duke, so he took matters into his own hands and proclaimed himself Duke of Mieczyslaw. He did this from the support he mustered in ousting Cardinal Dobry from his post as 'place-holder' of the Duchy. Some of the local szlachta supported him, most of the ex-patriot szlachta did not, a storm was brewing.

The few szlachta that had gone to Bavaria had only just returned and heard of Konrad's grab for power, aware that Konrad did not have many mercenary companies left at his command and knowing that the other szlachta would not support him they pressed for a formal Diet to confirm the new 'Duke'. Other returning szlachta were also now informed of the pending arrival of the Coronet Korps, and their commander Pułkownik Ludwik; as well as the connections forged with Bavarian Prince Elector Maximilian I.

Konrad could not refuse such a formal call, nor the very pleasant summons that was directed his way. He was still wary of the other szlachta and brought a battalion of his mercenary veterans with him to the agreed meeting place, the great hall of Coronet!

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