Sunday, July 1, 2007

Bitva St. Argard

Victory for the arms of Mieczyslaw in Norden Pomerania.

An army of Duchy of the North troops led by Count Major General Sturri Pal Wrede advanced towards The Duchy of Mieczyslaw, assembling and moving with the intent to carry the fight into the Brass River Valley.

Duzy Uderzyc Klarnowo responded with the western army of observation and met the North forces in the region of Saint Argard.

Klarnowo, aggresive by nature, deployed out the forward infantry under Ugodzić Wojskowski, with orders to hold or delay any approaching force. To his far right went Kierownik szlachta Mosiądzowski with a collection of raw cavalry. The center left was the Koronet Korpus and elite Muszkieterowie under Pułkownik Koronowski. The far left and hammer-blow force of cavalry was under the able command of Uderzyć Janowski.

Wrede seemed to have difficulty in making decisions right from the outset of the battle. His infantry formations were all pushed together in his center left and the available cavalry was all concentrated on the right and center right.

The early portion of the battle also saw Wrede left with no room to maneuver in his escorting cavalry force and the medium battery that he had available. Also, for some inexplicable reason the infantry force in the center was determined to probe constantly with masses of skirmishing infantry, effectively blocking his active medium and light batteries - to the constant delight of the Mieczyslaw formations.

After a short pause, for orders interpretations, the Koronet Korpus and elite Muszkieterowie under Pułkownik Koronowski began a rapid advance, they were met by Dragoons and Trotters (including an elite formation under Brig. Halvar Odegarvik).

The real fighting was there between the infantry of Pułkownik Koronowski, and four formations of North Cavalry. By turn 4 two of them were gone and the Mieczyslaw horse was on the loose, threatening to encircle the entire right wing of the North troops. On turn 5 Odegarvik threw in his last elite cavalry force and watched them vanish in clouds of musket powder smoke, now surrounded by skirmishers on two sides, with the Elite: Duża Firma Mieczyslaw Muszkieterowie to his front and Elite: Mosiądz Huzarzy sweeping in to close him entirely in a ring of Mieczyslaw arms he wisely accepted the offer from Pułkownik Koronowski to surrender.

This action was not lost on Wrede, whom also accepted the offer of amnesty and the general withdrawl was on. Only the Wieśniak Ułan had something to prove and they did so by totally massacring the clouds of skirmishing infantry that had so ably blocked thier own artillery for most of the day.

Sadly for the arms of the Duchy of the North this formation of escourting heavy horse and a medium gun, they were unable to find their way onto the battlefield until the general withdrawl was in progress...


Bluebear Jeff said...

A good report . . . at least as seen from your side. Pete might have different points to make.

Nevertheless, it was certainly a solid Mieczyslaw victory . . . and a fun game to watch.

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

A very nice writeup, and clearly the Duchy's forces did them proud.

Frankfurter said...

Lovely pictures ... wish I could be that good!
Rules used?
Scale of figures?
Manufacturers / lines of figures?

Oh, and links to Empire vs. Elector and Frankszonia???

MurdocK said...

For frankfurter (Arthur):

You can be this good, keep practicing, reading, but most of all PARTICIPATING in the action!

Rules used in this game were Tricorne Wars, there is a link on the Duchy main page on the left bar to these rules. (or you can clik the one above here)

Scale of minis was 25/28mm.

My bunch are from Dixon (mostly) with the horses by either Dixon or self-cast from Prince August moulds. The guns are also Prince August self-castings.

To see many of these same figs in other action and their painting development see: MurdocK's MarauderS

I shall add a link to Frankzonia now, the Emperor v. Elector link was already in the left bar.