Monday, August 6, 2007

Uropa enflamed.

1757 Uropa is moving closer and closer to that place where answers may only be found on the field of Mars.

This in response to an open letter written to all potentates of Urope.

This letter was read not long ago in the chambers of the szlachta, with the intent to encourage the current leadership to become involved in movements to the west along the coast of the Baltic. Clearly a place that would involve the Duchy should conflict actually arise, trade to the world would become restricted as the ports of Tragardland and the seas through those narrow channels would become closed to all traffic.

In usual fashion the szlachta were unwilling to make any serious moves, preferring to maintain a watch until events make a 'clearer' picture.

Also in usual fashion, the Korona Korpus are unwilling to let an opportunity pass by.
Lew Wzgórzowo, Główny m adiutant Pułkownik Koronowski has been dispatched to meet with Vovide Max of the Banat of Togaras.

The intent is to discover what the Korona Korpus might be able to do for the Banat, and what 'compensation' might be gotten for those so willing to serve on behalf of the Vovide.

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