Monday, December 31, 2007

Absolutism attempted in 1651

Ogólny Ludwik, Captain-Gracz, Commander of all Duchy of Mieczyslaw forces was not left idle for long.

The forces of Absolutism found fertile ground in Owijać-Drewna lands and a return of Kardynalny Dobry brought the situation into action in 1651.

Dobry had come from Rome with orders to re-establish his rule, only now he was to bring with him the power and might of the Church and its ideal 'rule' as expressed in France. Absolutism found many supporters with the survivors of the 30 years war whom upon return were fetted, but now two years later had become dissolusioned with the slow progress of Duke Czeslaw ewa Jerzy, the young Duke (25) and the old Ogólny (66) were a good match for one another, for while the Ogólny had served in Bavaria and Paltinate, the Duke had worked with the Dutch and English, their combined talents made assembling the needed counter to the Kardynalny relatively easy.

What was not expected was the sheer size of the war chest Dobry had brought with him from Rome. The Papacy had determined that no further lands were to be surrendered to the forces of either Reformation or Anglican design, since he (the Pope) had learned that the new Duke had been with the heathen Dutch and English it was decided that a statement was needed to stamp out any plans that these forces against Catholic dominance may have.

Kardynalny Dobry had raised a large force of mercenaries from the Holy Imperial Lands and these men now made thier presence known, sending the veteran Duża Firma Mieczyslaw Muszkieterowie and Korona Korpus to flight before their massed arms.

A show-down was now brewing between the Imperial forces and those that could be rapidly assembled by the Duke and his Ogólny

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