Sunday, August 17, 2008

Grand Mappe Version 7

A cartographic project has come to completion in Mieczyslaw, Professor Marcin Odlianicki-Poczobut has signed off on his contribution and the Grand Mappe of Urope is now ready for the tiles to be laid on the floor of the Grand Hall of Szlachta.


Capt Bill said...

Where's Der Alte Fritz's provinces?

MurdocK said...

I looked over the information presented on his blog, I could not find any 'different' names mentioned. I had thought that Alte Fritz was using normal Prussian names for places, which is not that big a surprise, since that way no new maps need to be custom made for any of the players.

I am more than ready to update the mappe and include detailed location information for everyone.

Allen M. said...

Good Evening,
This is great, giving potential opponents and/or allies an idea of where they fit into Europa, and the potential difficulties in transiting the intervening territories to conduct campaigns. If I may ask, how are the sizes and shapes of each "tile"(?) or territory determined? The area of Lagerburg/Slobbovia is not exactly portrayed; is there an ability to edit the size/shape of the "tiles" to more accurately reflect the borders of each territory?

Capt Bill said...

After rechecking EvE I found out the Der Alte Fritz's country in named Hesse-Seewald. I probably knew that all along, but as usual my memory needs jogging. Best regards...Bill

Allen M. said...

Hello Again,
For reference purposes, "Slobgrad" occupies the site of Ljubljana, "Gublatz" the site of Maribor, and "Felsenfall" the site of Zagreb. I designed Lagerburg to extend from the Adriatic to the Danube, to include modern Slovenia and northern Croatia between the "Pisswassere" Drava and "Spitzwassere" Sava rivers.

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi Murdock,

That's a good looking map and impressive work you've done there!

Best Regards,


Der Alte Fritz said...

Gad zooks! We can not find Hesse Seewald on thine mappe. We are most royally offended and will have to mobilize our army if this offense is not redressed immediately.


MurdocK said...

If you go to "Who's Who" of Europa and examine the 'bubble map' you will see that Hesse Seewald does not appear there either.

I counted eight (8) different Hesse- or Saxe- places and thought it better to include them in the 'empire' map I was planning to show the greater detail of the multitude of places that are very nearly on top of each other.

Hesse Seewald does appear in my earlier work on EvE Bubble's Tighten Up so I did not miss Hesse Seewald, it has simply been relegated to the larger scale (showing a smaller portion of the surface of the earth) Holy Roman Empire mappe planned for the future.

When I do that Holy Roman Empire map I am likely to pull off the names of places that are more correctly within its boundaries and have that boundary shown on the smaller scale mappe that is being used in version 7.

Frankfurter said...

This is a great achievement, actually.
I am shocked that somehow I missed it when you did this work last summer!!!
I do have a couple of comments ... Frankszonia has a fairly good holding to the south of the Main as well and this is what brought on the tensions with the Soweiter League long ago.
Also, Hesse-Fedora and Hesse-Homburg are in the same general area.
Given the intermingling of holdings in the era, however, such a generic map is quite wonderful!!

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