Saturday, October 4, 2008

Three Days later...

Duke Czeslaw ewa Jerzy now had Duke Konrad, the pretender, in full retreat.

After a series of skirmishes along the woodlines drew in more of his line troops, the night was one of total confusion.

Fires were lit to illuminate the situation along the wood line, while continued harrassing attacks broke out from the woods and penetrated into Konrad's camps.

Twice before dawn Konrad was considering withdrawing to a more distant position so that these breakout attacks could not reach his powder stores, as they did on one occasion to the north, setting off a massive explosion.

The whole line became quiet shortly after dawn and Konrad used the break to re-form his lines and mass some cannon so that the next action from the woods would be the last for the Loyalists.

No sooner were these careful preparations made than the word came to Konrad, that the north end of the line was enveloped by 600 horsemen, and that more were pouring out from a defile to the north. His line was going to be rolled up.

His only hope to save the cannon was to retreat immediately.

This was done with great energy, considering the troops had all been fighting more or less the whole night. The cannon were escorted away and many of the more wounded troops were well away towards Flety before the mass of horses caught up with them, by then they were blown and had only 1/2 of the Usurper Konrad's troops taken prisoner to show for their efforts.

For this Duke Jerzy was pleased though, as his own horse was now coming into camp. The woods battle had gone well, next would have to come the final defeat of Konrad Korpus...

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