Monday, December 22, 2008

End of the Pretender

Duke Czeslaw ewa Jerzy pressed his advantage for full effect.

With the Konrad Korpus now broken into smaller parts they were unable to properly protect their cannon.

Within three weeks all the guns and baggage train had been either captured or deliberately sabotaged by the retreating elements of Konrad Korpus.

Winter snows blocked the passage south, Cardinal Dobry had evaded the advance scouts; not so for 'Duke' Konrad.

In a last stand of defiance Konrad stood firm in a river valley. His mercenaries eventually deserted his cause, only a handful of stalwarts from the 30 Years War still stood by him. In the end they were not enough to prevent his capture.

The szlachta convened to determine the fate of the former Baron...


Bluebear Jeff said...

What do you want to bet he loses his head?

-- Jeff

Martin said...

Naaawwww....Pull a "Tarus Bulba" on him and toss him in a bear pit for the amusement of the nobles. Whatever is left after the bear is done with him can be put on display as a warning to others who might act upon their pretensions.