Saturday, May 14, 2011

Religious Freedom

Duke Jerzy called a convocate of the szlachta towards the end of his life. He had realized that a hereditary dynasty was not in the best interest of the divisive peoples of Mieczyslaw. Moreover, were he to press for such an action then the pressures from Rome, Moscwa, and the more secular west would most certainly lead to war.

The countryside had avoided the religious wars of Urope and there was no need to start them all over again here in peaceful Mieczyslaw.

The best way to maintain the peace was to declare a freedom of all to practice religious observance and to have the szlachta elect the next and all future Dukes.

The szlachta were at first divided on the issue, then when it became clear ~ after a number of riots in the south and east that were brought about by the news that the szlachta were going to reject the freedom act then the nominal majority agreed to both terms.

Duke Jerzy died only three months after signing the great proclamation of Religious Freedom.


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