Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Empress Merrie Teaser

Scene: Imperial Palace in Wein.

Empress Merrie Teaser is preparing to enter the Grand Ballroom where a majority of the court awaits her arrival.

A page quickly steps forward with a note on a silver platter, the note is somewhat crumpled and dirty on the gleaming silver surface. The platter is offered to the Empress who glances at it then at the young aide de Camp of her Field Marshal Dawna, she nods to the young man to open the note.

He quickly takes the scrap of paper and only part way through digesting the information reports to the Empress,

"Field Marshal Dawna reports that his spies near the borders of Altmorania, Stagonia and Saxe-Bearstein have seen columns of troops both entering and assembling in Saxe-Bearstein and along the border regions. The Marshal writes that she fully expects Saxe-Bearstein to be invaded by the time your Majesty receives this note. Without a doubt King Freddy has initiated a war posture and means to invest our northern borders."

All assembled are silent, the Empress speaks quietly.

"Thank you M. aide de Camp." she adjusts her dress to smooth out the front.

"I shall compose an appropriate response after having entertained our ministers and court this evening." She looks about her in the small hallway at the entrance doors to the hall.

"None of you are to speak of this news." She lets out a calm breath and takes in another calm breath. "You may announce us now."


abdul666 said...

The Empress is as cool-blooded as she is cute: lucky are her subjects!

Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm concentrating on my Colonial campaign (and painting figures for it right now . . . Saxe-Bearstein and those vile Stagonians are on a back burner for now I'm afraid.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

good then Jeff you will not mind if I overrun your 'Saxony' clone?

Since that is what the Prussians did historically.

If this is a problem I can just retcon the detail back to Saxony and carry on from there ...