Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cossack Breakthrough!

Amazingly the Cossack attempt at the river line managed to force a crossing.

The Allied light companies covered the known and suspected river fords in the Drohizyn region.

They had no artillery and chose to use an 'opening ruse' to lure some of the Cossacks across the river, then defeat them in detail after they were forced to face a rapidly formed square.

The cossacks chose to take the bait, expecting to be repulsed yet pressing home for a chance at success all the same ...

To their utter horror the light infantry companies watched as one-third of their number was literally ridden down like grass. The hasty square exercise was a total failure and the cossacks rode like madmen among them, cutting apart the company and sending less than half of the survivors scattering to the winds.

Seeing an opportunity like no other to completely envelop the defenders the Cossack command chose to press home on the center company of the Allied contingent of light infantry. Fully both sides of this line was covered by the wild riding light horsemen of the Russian steppes.

This time the company of infantry chose to make better use of their shot and powder. They delivered a devastating volley into the Cossacks, then stood tall to take on their charge from both front and rear!

Amazingly they defeated the Cossacks this time ... however one half of the Cossacks retreated away from the river pressing on deeper south into Mieczyslaw, the line of defense was broken. The strategic situation was a loss, what the infantry needed now was to hold the line by day long enough to break off from contact and retreat by night fall.

The Cossack commander was willing to stay cautious now as the remaining parts of his command were bloodied and shaken, he reverted to a defensive posture until he could learn what had become of the squadron that had penetrated the line so well!

By midnight it was clear that the light infantry had retreated to the west along the river. Now a path across the river line was open, could this be the flank attack line?

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