Friday, February 15, 2008

Victory at Freistadt Tippelbruder

The Wstrasowo Dragoons and Wojskowo Piechota have participated in a great Allied Force defence of the Freistadt Tippelbruder.

All coffee-rooms and taverns on the west roads along the Percussion Hills have been a buzz with the news of this great victory over the vile Stagonians.

While the riders continue to spread the news and expand upon the effect that the Mieczyslaw forces had you may read of the more detailed account of the battle from the scene at Frankzonia (whom ran the proxy battle).


Bluebear Jeff said...

I shall read the report as I am glad that those vile stagonians got what they deserved.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Partly off-topic since they have not yet been updated with the references to Tippelburder, but reading the
'Wars for Arcadian Glory' OOB I realize how much we still have to discover about the implied forces!

For Mieczyslaw we have your very enjoyable slideshow presentation, for Burtzenia of the white-clad infantry we saw pics but no overall synthesis.
We know much of the Saxe-Bearstein forces but are looking forward for pics of many units, but our knowledge of the Stagonian army is very partial.
And of course, sadly, we saw very few of the Nordic regiments: even the Musk Oxen, who had a fateful role in a recent battle, are not on display on the Nordic blog.
Well, let's look at this state of affairs from an optimistic pov: it means that we have in our future the enjoyement to discover dozens of regiments!
BTW, is the still anonymous 3rd secondary Nation the mysterious Boyadvina, or a forthcoming totally new country?

Best regards,

abdul666 said...

PS: sorry, I was misled by the green background and, in my overenthusiasm, believed (because I wish it to be true, certainly) that the grenn column on the right was for a new Nation in the building...

MurdocK said...

The green column could be 'new' or Boyardvina, much has yet to be worked on for such things...

Thanks for the observations abdul666, I know more of what needs to be 'filled-in'.

johnpreece said...

I am enjoying the nice variety of posts on your blog, thanks for all the effort.


abdul666 said...

on the 'Wars for Arcadian Glory' OOB, do the ??? "tag" the units (& characters) not yet painted?

In any case I cannot but say 'Wow!'

MurdocK said...

I think the ??? tag is for undecided units.

Jeff would be the right one to confirm this, but if you wanted to jump into our little melange with your own contribution I would certainly not get in the way!