Monday, March 10, 2008

Absolutism in Mieczyslaw finds a leader

Baron Konrad was the leader that Cardinal Dobry found ready and willing to take on the task of open conflict with the young Duke and his aged Ogólny.

While Duke Jerzy cajoled the szlachta into supporting his muster and levvies Ogólny Ludwik made haste with the veterans that had remained loyal to the Duke. Some 6000 men of all arms, though mostly of cavalry were ready to take the field that spring.

Cardinal Dobry had brought 3000 mercenaries from Imperial holdings in the Hertzogh of Burtzenia and a further 4000 men were raised by the efforts of Baron Konrad, most of these forces were foot troops, with a slight advantage in artillery as the cash brought in by the Cardinal had been able to purchase a great number of pieces at reduced value from the disbanding formations of western and central Urope.

Duke Jerzy was unable to get more than two fifths of the szlachta to agree to the levvies and while certainly no more than a single fifth of the szlachta had clearly intentions of supporting Baron Konrad the remaining szlachta were unwilling to enter into what was clearly becoming a civil war...


Bluebear Jeff said...

Hmmmm, that shield we see could indicate a branch of the vile Stagonian scum . . . I'd be careful if they are such.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

MurdocK said...


you picked up on that obscure early reference to the coming mercenary force eh?