Saturday, April 5, 2008

Battle of Wojslawice

Forces loyal to Duke Jerzy were assembled from the many veteran mercenaries having returned from the 30 Years War.

Baron Konrad pressed on from the Percussion Hills into the headwaters of the Brass River.

A first encounter between the Loyalists and the Absolutists was about to take place at the sleepy cross-road of Wojslawice.

Approaching was the vanguard of the Absolutionist Army, paid for by the Kardinaly.

Baron's (pretender) Royalist (most colorful!) Forces:

Adv Guard Commander = General
Field (that cannot move) Gun

Brigadier with 4 Foot Bn
Italian Bn = Veteran
Galician Bn = Trained
Absolutist Bn = Raw
Owijac-Drewna Bn = Raw

Brigadier with 2 Pistols Horse Troop (this would be the 'bigger' single force troop?) = Raw

then arriving after battle start
One Brigadier Commands:
2 Light (movable) guns
2 Foot Bn
Italian Impressed Bn = Raw
Galician Impressed Bn = Raw
2 Pistols Horse Troop = Trained

Facing these somewhat raw forces were the Veterans of Ogólny Ludwik:

Duke's Forces
Commanding General
Light (movable) Gun

Brigadier : 4 Foot Bn
Mieczyslaw Bn = Veteran
Brass River Bn = Veteran
Duke Jerzy Bn = Trained
Duchess Loyalist Bn = Raw

Horse Brigadier:
Wstrasowo 2 Lancer Horse Troop = Veteran
Trabki 2 Pistols Horse Troop = Trained

Light Gun
2 Foot Bn
Bn = Trained
Bn = Raw

Horse Brigadier
Mosiadz 2 Lancer Horse = Veteran

These troops then will do battle on the morrow!


Bluebear Jeff said...


The troops are ready . . . but you will have the honor of setting the terrain before tomorrow's battle.

-- Jeff

Steve said...

...crikey - can't wait for the write up - have also sent off for a copy of Victory without Quarter - I hope you gentlemen aren't responsible for launching me into another period before I'm ready!!