Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Konrad Korpus

"Duke" Konrad began his play for power in late March as the fields were dry enough to bring the 'holy cannon' across to reach the banks of the mighty Brass River and its metalled road.

Huzarzy loyal to Duke Jerzy, spread the news that the Konrad Korpus was on the move, leaving the Owijac-Drewna region; the columns of Konrad had reached the good road along the river by the time Duke Jerzy learned of these developments.

Ogólny Ludwik doubted that the infantry levvies were ready to march, however large numbers of Cavalry, much of it armored and some Dragoons were already battle hardened from thier participation in the recent wars in central Urope. This combined with his own Koronet Korpus, now fully recovered with only a few recruits could easily move on this column, possibly halting Konrad in the marshy regions making it difficult for him to perform any flanking actions.

Thus Ogólny Ludwik led out 500 armored horse, 300 Dragoons and 1200 Infantry along with 2 light field pieces. Duke Jerzy was prepared to follow with some 800 more mixed light horsemen, once they had all assembled from their detached search duties, and 1200 more foot troops along with another light field piece and a medium gun.

The head of the Konrad Korpus marching along the road consisted of 300 mixed light horse, 300 Dragoons and 800 or so infantry and a light field piece; under the command of a very steady mercenary commander from Northern Italy, known to be very loyal to the holy see.


Snickering Corpses said...

Your histories always make quite enjoyable reading. Will you be gaming out this particular battle, or just writing up the continued storyline?

A J Matthews said...

An intriguing storyline. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I believe that we will be gaming a battle in this war in about two weeks (April 6).

My plan is to use Clarence Harrison's ECW rules (which I want to playtest anyway), "Victory Without Quarter".

We will probably use some Renaissance troops which I have once I've re-based them (they did not survive our move up from California very well).

Murdock is on a trip at the moment, but should be back sometime this week.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Yes gentlemen, the story has grown to this point where I thought some sort of tabletop 'action' would be called for.

So now has become the time and Jeff has sent me some notes about these rules and I shall take some time to read them and try to be ready for the 6th.

More details about the 'situation' should come to light in the coming weeks.

Then some juicy eye candy from the tabletop once we 'push lead'.