Sunday, January 20, 2013

Report from the front ...

Russian Court minister of interior reads his son's letter
Anton read slowly again the report from the front line, written by his middle son:

"We have been pushed back from crossing the river.  Losses were heavy with many battalions now at less than one-quarter effective.  There are no hospitals and no succor for the wounded.  This situation is even worse that uncle Boris told me.  The Boyars are intent on killing us all for their own gain here in Mieczyslaw.  They will not be satisfied until every one of us is dead and the general does not hear any entreaties to use our force more effectively.  It is as if he will only hear Count Borisov and no others."

The letter was stained with mud.

The Boyars appear to have put personal ambition ahead of the plans that were presented at court to the Tsarina ...

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