Monday, June 24, 2013

What happens when a greater power crosses over a lesser power

Coming from a discussion on Emperor vs. Elector:

"What happens when a 'greater power' seeks to cross the territory of a 'lesser power', such as Mieczyslaw?

Some answers:

on a scale of 1-5 where 1 is you are friends and 5 you are on the other side ...

1) obvious, your army is absorbed with good effect into the larger one.

2) your army is absorbed, with suitable compensations (or promises thereof) such as lands and or titles perhaps cash payouts.

3) some 'negotiations' may be taking place just before the crossing, ambassadors will be sent with the gifts and other promises for the safe passage ... though the threat of crossing without warning will be ever present. If negotiations go well, then your little place may be spared conscription - possibly even make out with some good booty. If they go poorly, then the fate #4 will be the result.

4) Forced crossing, with little warning and conscription along the route. If any forces are assembled to stop them they will be harshly dealt with. Most likely your forces will have to fall-back out of the travel route or, if your only fortifications are on the route, then into the fortifications to politely await their passage.

5) best bet is to flee with your mobile army into the opposing camp, get your little force out of harm's way and fortify your hard points, if you have any fortifications, garrison them and flee. Any attempt to stand against such a large force that considers you the enemy will only result in your destruction. IF you have a fortification far from the most likely route then you may consider holing up there ... however you will likely be fore fitting your alliance with the other 'allied' nation (empire etc.)

What are your thoughts?

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