Thursday, November 28, 2013

Not acceptable

"Simply put, this situation is not acceptable."  Said the western region Minister for Munitions.

"The forces were deployed so as to obtain victory for the Tsarina, and not the personal ambitions of this Boyar lordling."  The Minister was most displeased, though he did not want to place this out into the hands of the Imperial courier.

"I shall draft a letter regarding this to the Tsarina this evening, for now you may stay here with us.   Have the steward see to the Prince's needs and we will dine together tonight."  The last part for his own secretary to carry to the Steward.

"I retire now to contemplate how to properly phrase this note for her majesty."  as he turned and left the salon.


Jiminho said...

Now THAT is a face, and a uniform, for SYW imaginations!

; )

MurdocK said...